Return From Vacation Bloats


As I predicted, four days in Disney World was not nearly enough time. I had an amazing time with my family and as a result I want to move there forever. There is something about Disney World that just makes me happy. I could probably sit on a bench in Magic Kingdom all day and feel completely content with my life. There really is something completely magical about being there and I could feel it every second.

Specifically where I could feel the happiness was in the immense amount of food I consumed over the past four days. Everything from hot dogs to falafels to cheeses in France. Everything was so delicious and I don’t regret a bite, but now I need to do something about it.

Juice cleanses are a thing, right? I was recently watching an interview with One Direction and Harry Styles was talking about juice cleansing after being on tour:


Harry, that is exactly how I feel. So I will be attempting a juice cleanse to feel less gross after consuming the entire Epcot menu. It will probably last a day.

Wish me luck!



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