Sunday Morning Shenanigans

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Happy Sunday everyone! I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday because on one hand it is way too close to Monday and that depresses me. On the other hand, I always end up having wonderful weekend adventures on Sundays and this week was no exception.

My dad and I love going yard sale-ing. This hobby stemmed from my long time love of thrifting. I shared some of my awesome clothing finds with my dad, who then suggested we check out some local yard sales. We haven’t looked back since.

Our collection of secondhand items ranges from vintage t-shirts, original works of art, and old books that my dad actually thinks are worth something. We have good days and bad days. Today, we stopped by one yard sale and unfortunately had a bad day. All we found was this Looney Tunes mug (which I think is awesome btw).

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After yard sale-ing we stopped by our favorite Irish pub, Fado in downtown Annapolis, to watch the Brazil v. Chile soccer game. I ordered a refreshing Harp and the Fado Benedict which substituted Canadian bacon for Irish rashers and added spinach. The entire plate was consumed in probably under 10 minutes because it was so delicious.

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When Saturdays go by fast I think to myself, “It’s okay because we have all day tomorrow to do things.” When Sundays go by fast I think to myself, “How can this be possible? I was just thinking yesterday how we had so much more of the weekend to do things.”

Oh well. Until next weekend…

Bye for now!



An Ode To My Bathtub


Bubbles, candles, face masks, a great book, and a large glass of Pinot Grigio. The perfect ingredients for a wonderful pamper evening.

This week has already been extremely stressful. I had to complete a giant, 30 page paper and a presentation by today. So last night I gave myself a little break and had a pamper evening. I have pamper evenings AT LEAST once a week. Sometimes I have them twice a week. Sometimes I have pamper days which fall on Monday afternoons because I don’t have class and, I mean, why not cure a case of the Mondays with a bath and a facial?

A bonus to my pamper sessions is my bathtub. I lived in a small apartment for a few years to be closer to my college campus, and that apartment had a terrible bathtub. It was very narrow and attached to a shower which does not result in a great bathtub experience. The bathtub at my parents’ house, where I currently live, however is amazing. It is huge and relaxing and full of memories.

A quick story that involves my bathtub:

About 10 years ago, my brother had a pet snake (I know). He was 10 years old when he got the snake and he loved it so much. One day, we noticed that the snake was not in its cage. Chaos. There was a snake loose in my house. We looked everywhere for hours but couldn’t find him. My brother was weeping, so my mom suggested he take a bath to calm down. After approximately 5 minutes in the bath a loud boyish scream came from the bathroom. We ran in to find my brother, naked in the bath, holding his snake who was half way out of the bath tub side drain water-stopper. Needless to say I didn’t take another bath for a very long time.

Anyways, here are the products and items I absolutely cannot pamper without.


1. CALGON, take me away! Skin Silkening Bubble Bath and Lavender & Honey Epsom Salt

These have been my go-to bath products for a long time now. Available at Target and I’m sure other places, you can pick up both of these items for under 8 dollars! That giant bottle of bubble bath is a bargain for only 3 dollars; I always buy at least two bottles when I am making a Target run. Unfortunately, the bubble bath doesn’t last long. Maybe I just use a lot of it for one bath because I like a lot of bubbles but it usually only lasts me 3-4 baths then I have to restock. The epsom salt is something I don’t quite understand to be honest. It claims to “sooth aches and pains” and I’m not sure about that. However, I really enjoy the lavender and honey scent so I will continue to use it.


2. Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask and Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel-Away Clay Mask, LUSH Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar

Now, obviously I didn’t use two masks at the same time. BUT I really wanted to share both of these masks with you because I think they are equally amazing. Each mask is gentle enough for my sensitive, pale skin which is extremely important. The Charcoal & Black Sugar is more my kind of mask; it hardens and extracts all the dirt from my pores, then leaves my face feeling so nice and smooth. The Sweet Tea & Lemon mask is different, but leaves my face the same silky smooth. I only used it in my T-zone areas and it worked wonders. I don’t really like the peel-away aspect of it though. It was super easy to peel off and didn’t hurt at all (like some people claim it does) but I’m more of a wipe away kind of girl. Oh and both scents are amazing.

The LUSH bubble bars kind of annoy me. When I’m preparing my bath, I don’t want to stand hunched over the faucet waiting for bubbles to form, which is required of LUSH bubble bars. I much prefer the bath bombs which you can just plop in and you’re good to go. This bunch of carrots is cute though and smells great so I ran it under the water for a few seconds to turn my bath just the right amount of orange.


3. Paper Towns by John Green and a glass of Pinot Grigio

I know I’m a little behind, but I am really enjoying Paper Towns (don’t tell me what happens). Also, you will learn over the course of this blog that my go-to alcoholic beverage is Pinot Grigio. Not pictured is a bottle of cold water that I like to have with me when I’m taking a bath because sometimes wine does not quench my thirst. Who am I kidding? It does most of the time, but I feel like a better person when I have a bottle of water next to me.

What are your favorite pamper evening products?

Bye for now!


What A Great Start To A Job Search


Recently, I submitted my résumé to some awesome companies in an effort to get hired before I graduate to avoid ultimately falling into a deep abyss of searching endlessly for jobs and not being hired by anyone. My résumé was looking spectacular because I purchased a beautiful, new template from ShineGraphics on Etsy. One of the reasons I love my major is the fact that I can add a little appropriate color to spice up my work history.

I reread and reread that document what felt like 100 times and confidently submitted it to some advertising agencies I would kill to work for. Unfortunately, the next day I realized that instead of the work “Graduate” I typed “Graduation.” So my résumé read, “Ambitious and hard working graduation seeks full-time job.”

I wanted to crawl into a hole and cover myself in a million emojis of the monkey with his hands over his eyes. How embarrassing. The first thing that the hiring manager saw when he/she opened my gorgeous PDF résumé was a typo that made me look like an idiot.

Moral of the story: have a friend, family member, or significant other read through your résumé before you hit send. I know I will next time. And companies if you are reading this right now: I am deeply sorry for the typo. Please hire me.

Bye for now!


Group Projects


Currently in my final semester of college, I am taking all of my required 400 level classes. Unfortunately with my major, this means the dreaded GROUP PROJECTS. Now, to clarify, I don’t mind and actually enjoy working with a group on a project. I think collaborating with other people who have their own unique ideas is an awesome thing and can really result in some great work. However, group projects in college are a different story. Being paired up with 2-5 other people that have completely different schedules than you is absolute torture.

When I am first paired up with my other group members and we begin to exchange contact information, I immediately start to feel out who will be good texters and who won’t be. This is crucial because if people don’t respond, then we can’t figure out when would be a good time to meet. That conversation via text is excruciating. Unfortunately I commute to campus from 45 minutes away, so when all 3 of my group members decide to meet at 8:30 p.m. on a Monday night, I have to comply.

And why do we always decide to delegate work to certain people to be completed at home? This always results in procrastinating and it really frustrates me because we could have completed the work during our damn meeting. But no. Our meetings are just brainstorming sessions that conclude with everyone saying, “Okay so I’ll do this tonight!” So unnerving.

Likely, everything will come together. We all want a good grade on our project and will make sure we do whatever we can to get there. We just have to go through a few months of torture first :p

Do you hate group projects as much as I do?

Bye for now!


Current State of Mind

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My very last spring break is coming to an end and I am faced with the question I assume all upcoming college graduates also face: What is next? I believe I have a few answers to this question right now. I will complete the work that is assigned every week in my classes, I will strive to get good grades, I will continue to apply for jobs, and I will try not to procrastinate or get stressed out.

But what comes after that? I have so many thoughts and concerns about my life at this moment and although it scares me most of the time, it is also very exciting. Nothing is mapped out for me after I graduate, which means I can do anything I want to do. That sounds a little obvious, but I don’t think I’ve really grasped the concept yet.

I can literally do whatever I want to do.

Do I want to jump right into a full-time job (if I ever get an interview for one) and start building my resumé? Do I want to get a part-time job and check some things off my bucket list during my free time? Do I want to travel the world on what little money I currently have? This last half of my semester will be filled with life pondering and speculation. All the while hopefully not falling behind on my school work. Easier said than done.

Finally, I am very aware that I need to start working out and eating healthier so I can wear a bikini this summer.

Bye for now!