Somewhere Near The Airport


Okay so where I went today wasn’t on my initial list of 4 spots, but I was anxious to get wandering so I improvised and chose somewhere a little easier, closer, and free-er. My best friend Shelby and I went to the Thomas A. Dixon Jr. Aircraft Observation Park, or better known as Friendship Park, which I think is much more appropriate.

By the way, I’ve also decided to use this project as a way to reconnect/spend time with friends and family. More often than not my friends and I will try desperately to come up with something to do. We either give up, say, “Welp there is nothing to do,” and don’t even end up getting together, or we settle for drinks at The Greene Turtle where we always go. I know some of my friends are considering moving away from our hometown, so might as well take advantage of it while we can.


Anyway, we took a delicious lunch of Five Guys Burgers and Fries to the little observation area, grabbed a bench, and watched as the planes came in. It was a cloudy day and we got lost on our way there. Just a heads up, when it looks like you are about to hit a plane with your car, you have arrived.

image1 (1)

Pictures was the name of the game today. We tried to position ourselves into the perfect selfie with the landing planes. Every time we saw a plane coming in we would shout, “We got a live one!” or my personal favorite, “This one is literally coming in for a landing!”


It was a simple day of simple wandering, but it was wonderful. I could tell there was a moment of hesitation when I told my friend what we would be doing today. It’s not an activity or a place that one usually jumps at the chance to do. But to our surprise the day was filled with laughter and excitement.

Until the next time and place!


Hopeless Wanderer

I just finished reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. Ugh. Besides the fact that it was gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, it was the best book I’ve read in a long time. Not only did the book provide an entire new outlook on mental illness, it also inspired me to wander around my own state (and surrounding states) and experience what this world has to offer.

Since I graduated college my life has consisted of laziness and job applications. I’ll apply for jobs, then immediately get discouraged and go into a cocoon of Netflix. I desperately want a job, but while I’m searching for that perfect position why waste all this free time?

So I did some research and here are a few awesome sounding places within driving distance to start with:

1. Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland

2. Clarks Elioak Farm and The Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City, Maryland

3. Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland

4. Hampton National Historic Site in Towson, Maryland

Let the wandering begin!


P.S. My juice cleanse lasted only a few hours in case anyone was interested.

Return From Vacation Bloats


As I predicted, four days in Disney World was not nearly enough time. I had an amazing time with my family and as a result I want to move there forever. There is something about Disney World that just makes me happy. I could probably sit on a bench in Magic Kingdom all day and feel completely content with my life. There really is something completely magical about being there and I could feel it every second.

Specifically where I could feel the happiness was in the immense amount of food I consumed over the past four days. Everything from hot dogs to falafels to cheeses in France. Everything was so delicious and I don’t regret a bite, but now I need to do something about it.

Juice cleanses are a thing, right? I was recently watching an interview with One Direction and Harry Styles was talking about juice cleansing after being on tour:


Harry, that is exactly how I feel. So I will be attempting a juice cleanse to feel less gross after consuming the entire Epcot menu. It will probably last a day.

Wish me luck!


The Night Before Disney World

This image released by Disney shows fireworks punctuating the sky at the grand opening celebration at the Cinderella Castle for the New Fantasyland attraction at the Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom theme park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012. The new attraction is the largest expansion at the Magic Kingdom. (Gene Duncan, photographer)

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be boarding a plane to Orlando, Florida. FINALLY. Although I am only going to be in Disney World for 4 short days, I feel like I am packing my bags and moving to the most magical place on Earth forever.

I haven’t always loved Disney World. When I was a rebellious teenager I probably would have scoffed at anyone who openly loved Disney. I cringe thinking about that time in my life. Then, during my 4 years in college I obviously realized that everything that has to do with Disney is amazing and I would try to visit the most magical place on this world as many times as I possibly could.

There is so much to do and see in Disney World, so on the night before my departure I would like to share with you my Disney World bucket list for the trip I am about to embark on.


1. Eat the most delicious pancakes in the universe (my diet starts when I return from vacation).

2. Eat everything else available (I’m serious about that diet though).


3. Rekindle my love affair with Tigger. In this picture we are clearly hugging. He wouldn’t let go of me when I tried to end our hug. That’s how I know it’s real.

4. See something having to do with Frozen. I know all the lines for Frozen-related attractions will be 100 minutes long, but maybe I’ll get lucky and get to meet Anna and Elsa.

5. Drink (somewhat) around the world. I’ve never been to Disney World as a 21-year-old and I would like to experience Epcot the way it was meant to be experienced.

6. Try not to cry when watching the Wishes fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

Wish me luck!!


Welcome To The Real World


Hello again blog!

The last two months of my life have been the absolute craziest. After completing all of my final projects and receiving excellent feedback from my professors, I graduated from college. What? It still doesn’t feel real. Basically because I don’t know what real is.

My entire life up to now has revolved around school. Even when school was out for the summer or winter break, it was always in the near future. Relatives and friends would ask me how school was going or if I was looking forward to the upcoming semester or if I was enjoying my break. Now all of that has disappeared and I don’t know what to expect.

It is scary, I guess. But for the most part I’m just curious. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. On the contrary though, I do know that I do not want to settle. So many of my friends are itching to get a job and accept the first offer they receive, but I am certainly not one of them. I want to do something I am passionate about and be proud of what I am putting out into the world. I want to be creative and challenge myself every day. Unfortunately, I haven’t found an entry level job that meets those requirements yet.

Until I find a job that I am really interested in or a craft that I am really passionate about pursing, I will focus on figuring out all things life.

In the mean time, I’m excited to write on this blog again 🙂

Bye for now!


Friends is Always There For Me


If you read my March Favorites post, you know that my go-to show was Parks and Recreation last month. Naturally I finished the entire series and needed to find a new show to shamelessly watch nonstop during the month of April. Spoiler alert! That show is Friends.

I vaguely remember watching Friends with my parents when it was on NBC every Thursday night, but around my sophomore year of high-school I began purchasing the seasons on DVD to watch. That is when my obsession truly started. Each year for Christmas I would get a few seasons and finish them in a matter of days. The episodes are so effortlessly hilarious, but at the same time full of interesting plot developments. I really do feel like I’m missing out when I watch a random episode out-of-order.

So I had been watching Friends religiously for about 7 years when I found out all of the episodes were being released on Netflix. No more getting out of bed to switch the DVDs. Hooray! Although I am one of the people who notice the little lines removed from the episodes on Netflix. Regardless, my obsession has grown and Friends has been my go-to show this month probably for the 20th time in my life.

I want to share with you my top 5 favorite episodes. These are the episodes that when they are over, I literally watch them again and again. These episodes might be the cliché top 5 best episodes, but each one is specifically special to me and I am going to tell you why. Oh and I guess I should say SPOILER ALERT for the entire series of Friends. I assume most of you have watched it, but if you haven’t I will be giving some things away. It still baffles me that there are people existing that haven’t watched a single episode of Friends.


5. The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding (7×23,24) – The first memory I have of watching Friends with my parents was this episode. I always cry at the end when the camera pans to Rachel’s face and in that moment you know she is the one that is really pregnant. Ah I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. When I watched the series again in high school I felt such a sense of nostalgia watching this episode. Now, whenever I watch it, it gives me the same nostalgic feeling of being 7 years old and watching this moment with my family.

“Maybe he’s writing to tell her he changed his name. Like “Tell Monica I’m Sorry”.”


4. The One Where No Ones Ready (3×2) – This episode takes place entirely in the apartment, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Being a writer myself, I have such an appreciation for the amount of character development that had to occur in order to keep 6 people in a room without a change of scenery for approximately 22 minutes. This episode is just so perfect and is definitely one of the only ones that I could put on randomly and be completely entertained.

“Look at me, I’m Chandler. Could I *be* wearing any more clothes?”


3. The One Where Everybody Finds Out (5×14) – I love the sequence of events that this episode goes through in order to get to the big moment where everyone finds out. It is dramatic without feeling like a dramatic episode. Phoebe is one of my favorite characters and Lisa Kudrow freaking kills every line in this episode.

“They don’t know we know they know we know.”


2. The One With The Prom Video (2×14) – IN THE BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE RACHEL SAYS NO AND YOU THINK THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THEM BUT THEN SHE SAYS YES I JUST LOVE IT. That pretty much sums up how I feel about this episode.

“He’s her lobster!”


1. The One With The Embryos (4×12) – This episode is full of quick punch lines that make me hysterically laugh every time. I think I love this episode so much because through the course of the game they play each character is summed up perfectly. Every single line is so classic them. If you want to watch an episode that precisely captures the spirit of the show it is definitely this one.

“Actually, it’s Miss Chanandler Bong.”

Thank you Friends for always being there for me. What are your favorite Friends episodes?

Bye for now!


Let’s Talk About Thrifting


I am a thrifter. I started going to thrift stores about 5 years ago when I was a senior in high school. Then a few years later I started going to yard sales, estate sales and vintage flea markets and became obsessed with secondhand shopping. Everything I found was so unique and I loved the prices (obviously). Sometimes when I tell people I go thrifting or I bought something cute at a thrift store they tell me, “I’ve always wanted to go to a thrift store,” or “I wish I was good at thrifting.” To that I say two things: You should definitely check out thrifting. And you will have good days and bad days at the thrift store. This doesn’t mean you are “bad” at thrifting.


In the above picture I am holding 8 pairs of jeans that I purchased from various thrift stores in the past couple months. Whenever I find a pair of nice Levi jeans I tend to buy them because I can make them into shorts or do a fun DIY project with them. The problem with this habit is I tend to hoard vintage Levi jeans because I keep buying them. Not everyone is a perfect thrifter, including myself. If you are having trouble finding awesome items at thrift stores or have been debating checking out your local Goodwill, I have compiled a few tips I have picked up over the past few years.

1. Make a day of it – If you walk into a thrift store and look around for 20 minutes, I guarantee you will leave disappointed. To really be successful at thrifting I would suggest making a day of it. Thrift days are my favorite days. I wake up really early, get Starbucks, and arrive at the thrift store right when it opens. This is also a good tip because you will have first dibs of all the clothes if you get there before anyone else. Once I’m at the thrift store I take my time looking at everything and listen to music or a podcast. Also if you are asking yourself what day would be a good day to go thrifting, everything at Goodwill is 50% off on the last Saturday of the month!

2. Look in every section – This goes hand in hand with the first tip. Looking in every section will obviously take some time but it is worth it in the end. I have found some awesome old band t-shirts in the men’s section and even the kid’s section, so it is important to broaden your horizons and literally look at everything. I also look at clothes in all different sizes. You have to remember that these clothes have probably been washed before so they could have shrunk and not be true to size.

3. Wear your favorite pair of jeans – Because things could be weirdly sized, I always try everything on. If you have a go to pair of jeans (or a skirt or shoes or something else you wear all the time) it is a good idea to wear that item when you go thrifting so you can see the outfit you would probably put together. I basically only wear two pairs of jeans ever. So when I’m shopping for shirts at the thrift store, I always wear my jeans because I will most likely wear any new shirt I buy with those jeans.

4. Don’t buy something you won’t wear – This is my biggest problem. Sometimes I see something that I could potentially wear and I buy it anyways because I think it is priced so reasonably. This could result in a major hoarding fiasco. To avoid this problem, set a realistic budget for yourself before you walk in. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the clothes.

5. Look for inspiration – Something I love doing at the thrift store is buying clothes that I wouldn’t normally buy for full price to try out new styles or trends. When I see something with potential, I have my Lookbook app handy to see how other people are wearing it. You don’t have to copy what you see directly, but just seeing a completed outfit on someone else can inspire you to come up with your own outfit!

Do you have any other tips for thrifting? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye for now!